Portugal has this beautiful effect on people, it puts a smile on your face before you even notice it. I am giving you a little taste of it.

A sunny spring day on the beach. Wind blows through the hair, makes the lips salty. Sand tickles the feed. Your are walking along the coast while your eyes are dazzled by the power of the ocean and the magic colors of the nature around. It fills you with new energy. The best of all - the sun teases you and the only action you can really take on is to surrender. Sigh!

Another easy day in Lisbon. Getting lost in its street labyrinth is a must-do during your stroll. By chance you could discover a sweet little hidden coffee shop with a stunning view. It is time for a galão, looking into the sun and dreaming. Peaceful charm!

In these moments an angel may come along. You would find yourself chitchatting with a Portuguese! About Portugal. About life. He would show you some more beautiful spots, invite you to taste the best lemonade ever, introduce to his friends and make you feel easily Portuguese’s daily laid-back rhythm. Being a tourist is out of question. You are a friend.

YOU WILL MEET ANGELS IN PORTUGAL is about my personal encounters with Portuguese people and their hospitality! From what I have experienced the Portuguese welcome and integrate you beautifully in their way of life! They open their heart, invite you and share their country, culture and joy.

All the angels I met during my visits in Portugal have inspired me to follow my heart. I felt encouraged to eventually stay and until today they have accompanied my life at the right time. All of the angels are special and that is why I am passionate to introduce you to them.

Along with my encounters I would love to share my insights about the country like a magic beach to go, a romantic spot to relax, a chocolate cake to die for. I especially present apartments and properties to rent out in Lisbon or at the coast. They are owned by friends, all great and surely, will make you feel like one of us.

So, you are most welcome to visit Portugal. Choose your apartment and let everything go! Your smile will guide you to meet angels. And if you like, get back to me and let me know about your experience!

With love